Showreel 2020

2 minutes of selected shots
We love working in difficult settings and harsh environments all around the world to capture some of the magic mother nature has to offer. Enjoy a quick 2 minute edit of our work.

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Jérémie Heitz and Eric Hjorleifson

Meeting With Legends
POMOCA brought together Jérémie Heitz and Hoji, 2 famous freeriders, to share a few days of skiing “in their own way” in the resort of Les Marécottes in Switzerland. The goal was to share their madness for committed descents and test the new “FREE PRO 2.0” skin from POMOCA. It was designed especially for them: both of them asked for a skin that would allow them to gain energy on the way up and have more energy on the way down.


A Climbing Adventure
It all started out with the idea to create a ski movie. This sadly didn’t happen due to too much work in the field and no real time for filming in the snow, lack of motivation, natural aspects and the overall circumstances in all of our lives.

Then we heard about this competition for the local “Bergfilmfestival” in Salzburg, AUT. Stating that the movie placing 1st will be shown at the festival. We did a quick brainstorming and started to work on some ideas. The short film you’re about to see is what we came up with. We roughly had 6 weeks of filming and spent 4 of those 6 weeks in Norway on a rock climbing trip. The whole team hopes you good folk out there enjoy what we ended up with!

Hoji Movie - Special Segment

The life of Eric Hjorleifson
The Story of Eric Hjorleifson Full segment from the Hoji Movie. Be sure to check out the entire film available for digital download on all major on-demand services. for more info.

Die Reise durchs gelobte Land

Biking in Iceland
We set out on an adventure in Iceland to explore the island by bike. Mountainbikes that is, going wherever we could push, carry or pedal our bike.

Did we think it will be easy? Maybe?
Was it easy? No?
Was it one hell of a trip? Deinitely!


A little ski trip to Japan
In the second part of our series we decided to leave Austria to go skiing in Japan.

Even though we had supreme conditions in the Alps, we were eager to see what the rest of the world was like in terms of skiing. Japan impressed us with some of the nicest food and the realest people you will meet.

I hope you like the Video as much as we liked making it.

The Hoji Movie

The life of Eric Hjorleifson
Eric Hjorleifson lets his skiing speak for itself. He doesn’t stand on the bar and shout out his accolades. He skis for brands that give him 100% creative control over the equipment that he designs and uses. He chases storms. He ditches his cell phone for weeks at a time. His exploits are rarely flaunted on social media. In spite of all of this – or maybe because of it – he is a hero to legions of skiers across the globe. This is who Eric is – this is “HOJI.”

Vali Höll

Saalbach RAW
Saalbach RAW: No Music, no effects just the sound of Vali’s bike while she is going hard on some of her favourite home trails.

The HOJI Boot

Eric Hjorleifson and his dream boot

Eric Hjorleifson is not just a legendary skier, he is also a well known tinkerer. Known for his knowledge about ski boots and bindings he set out to conquer the world with the ultimate ski boot. Here is some of the work Second Unit Media has done documenting the progress of inventing and building a ski boot from scratch with the help of Fritz Barthel and “the dungeon”.

When Eric asked us to work with him we had little financial room for this project and not the best gear available at that time. We still wanted to be part of the project though since we knew that it is going to be game changing in the ski boot industry. Also the chance of working with Hoji was a big factor why we said yes.